Archival Archetyping Exhibition 2020


In this exhibition, the sense of proximity and separation in the physical/information space, which has been examined in light of the current situation, is brought from the artist’s own perspective, such as sound, text, and physicality. In thinking about this sense, it is necessary to be aware of the structure of the exhibition, which is the space where the works are presented and experienced. The exhibited works, while using the Web, do not end up in a single space, but come and go in variously shaped spaces. The approach of this exhibition is to critique the rigid situation of being divided into the rapidly spreading online platform and the conventional physical space exhibition. If the “works” presented in the exhibition are an attempt to develop a marginal territory where several elements intersect, then the “exhibition” where they are interconnected should also have layered suggestions. We propose this exhibition as an opportunity to reconsider a new model for viewers, artworks, and exhibitions.


  • 天野真 《VOICE|NOISE》
  • Kou Houka 《Time to say GOOD Bye》
  • 丹治圭蔵 《This work is exhibition》
  • 永井歩 《It’s all here》
  • 西田騎夕 《歩行練習》




Archival Archetyping



2021年1月10日、10:00〜12:30でトークイベントを開催しました。 プロジェクトの活動と本展覧会の狙いについて紹介した第1部(10:00〜10:45)を公開します。

  • 0:00:00 トークイベントの説明
  • 0:03:37 イントロダクション:小林茂「Archival Archetyping」、「Archival Archetyping Exhibition 2020」について
  • 0:20:45 ディスカッション:クワクボリョウタ
  • 0:28:00 ディスカッション:松井茂
  • 0:36:40 作品紹介(各作品2分)


丹治圭蔵「「メタ」を開くために──「Archival Archetyping Exhibition 2020」展/作品解題」情報科学芸術大学院大学[IAMAS]Webサイト(2021年1月8日掲載)

Archival Archetyping Podcast